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Mentors and Advisors

MyBioGate Global Challenge seeks experienced advisors and mentors from life science industrial parks, corporations, as well as investors, clinical experts, and service providers who are qualified to invest, partner and establish projects in China.


Mentors shall work with projects to establish and polish business plans, marketing, and fundraising strategies. Mentors must assist the project in connecting with various Chinese resources and partners, raise the first round of investment, select the home-base city, and establish a Chinese operations team.


1) Must have more than 10 years of experience in business management, venture capital, or clinical application, and have a substantial understanding in the specific field, market trends, business models, technical prospects and other aspects of the project;

2) Assist the organizing committee in conducting an objective evaluation of the project, and provide the project with on-going, hands-on, in-depth counseling to enter and take root in the Chinese market;

3) Must demonstrate unquestionable professional ethics and invest sufficient time towards the success of the project.

Mentor Benefits:

  1. Priority working with the preferred projects in China Market on multiple levels
  2. Opportunity to recommend industrial parks for projects to land in China
  3. Free to participate all project roadshows
  4. Prioritized opportunity to join the cross-border acceleration camp
  5. Multiple media promotion for personal brand exposures


Advisors will evaluate and recommend projects based on the true business needs for successful investment and cooperation and conduct substantial business negotiations and docking cooperation with projects.


  1. The advisor’s company shall have a demand for project investment or cooperation in the related field;
  2. The advisor must a manager-level contact for the industrial park, enterprise, and/or investment institution, and makes decisions on project evaluation, docking, and business negotiations.

Advisor Benefits:

  1. Priority access to preferred project and opportunities for interactive communication with the project;
  2. Attend business roadshows for free;
  3. Prioritized opportunity to join the cross-border business acceleration camp

Mentors and Advisors 2020

Min-Chu (Mike) Chen, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Governance Committee and
Member of the Compensation Committee

Tom Ren

Global XLR

Founder, CEO, Chairman

Bruce Xiao

PhotonFund Director of Investment


VP, Elion Group

Areas of expertise: IVD

Xinlin He

Partner at Windi Capital

Assistant to General Manager, Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jing Zhong

Vice president of Cathay Investment Fund

Life Sciences Ph.D. / MBA, BayHelix Member

Liu Ligang

Angel Investor

Zhou Ping, Ph.D.

Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Industrial Technology Biomedical Department

Senior Business Manage

Xinxin Li

Mybiogate VP, Strategic Partnerships

Qi Song

Mybiogate VP, Governmental Affairs

Youwen Dai

Mybiogate Director, Business Development

Wei Ji

Mybiogate Director, Marketing

Ginger Ding PhD

Mybiogate Director, Investment Analyst

Wenjie Xu

Mybiogate Investment manager


Assistant general manager, CR Life Sciences


Director of the Investment Promotion Center, Taizhou Medical Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

GUO Zeqian  

Director & consultant, Shenzhen XPENARRAY Biotechnology


VP, CCB Principal asset management

LI Mingchao

Chief investment officer, Amphora

LIU Tong  

Partner, WM Partner

MENG Xiangming, PhD

Managing partner, D&C Capital China

Jerry WU, PhD

Head of investment, TusPark Holdings UK

WU Tinghe

Deputy director, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang

MENG Xiangming, PhD

Managing partner, D&C Capital China

XUE Xuan

Partner, Ruiyi Investment

ZHANG Ruilin

Senior VP, Oceanpine Capital

ZHAO Hongyu

Director of the Medical Health Division, CMSC

CHEN Gaopeng, PhD

VP, ZhenFund Inc.

CHEN Haiping, PhD

Deputy Chief Engineer/Professor, P&G Co Research Institute in the US


General Manager, Xinxiang Wanhua Life Science City

DU Qing

Instructor, Qinghai  Nationalities University

LIU Haoyang

Senior Project Manager, Cannova

Areas of expertise: IVD

QIAO Hongbo

Partner, Hairong Capital

XIE Mingsheng

Investment Manager, Guangdong Medical Valley (GDMV)


Partner, Shanghai Yi Yang Asset Management

WU Bin

Senior Investment Manager, Yesun investment

Area of expertise: Ophthalmic Medicine

WU Qing

President,  Shandong Zhongke Biological Industry Park

Area of expertise: IVD

YIN Jianwen


Guangzhou Dr Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.


CEO at InnoMedi Inc.

Areas of expertise: Rehabilitation Devices, Wearable Medical Devices

LU Xunyao

Senior Investment Manager, China Everbright Limited

Claire W SHA

Managing Partner, AriMed Advisors Ltd.

Area of expertise: IVD

Past Mentors and Advisors

Haolin Sung

Managing Partner Chaperone Investment


Partner MyBioGate

Paolo Barbant


Pharma & Biotech Advisor

Jamie Mak

Biomed Executive Advisory Council

Drexel University

Anton Neschadim


GreenSky Capital

Hongjian Zhang

Managing Director    

Morningside Ventures

Frank Luo

Managing Director

Efung Capital

Forest Xu

Founding Partner 

Virtus Inspire Ventures

Don Lin


Guoqian VC

Sam Murphy

VP and Head of International Business Development

Salubris Pharma

Kou Qin

Vice President

MSA Capital

Kai Zhang

Project Manager


Duan Wang, Ph.D.

Senior Manager of Business Development

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicin Co., Ltd.

Niels Christian Ganderup

Senior Investment Manager

Copenhagen Capacity

Kamilla Rolsted, Ph.D.

Life Science Sector Specialist

Translution Capital

Max Qin

Executive Director

IN Capital

Alex Liu

GM of European Region


Loon-Tzian Lo, M.D.


Lomier Holdings, Llc

JoLee Li

Managing Director

Lang Sheng Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Hao Chen

Venture Partner

GuoQian Venture Captial Investment (SuZhou) Co.,Ltd

Jinglei Zhang

Senior Consultant


Mingxi   Li


GT Healthcare Capital Partners

Hui Wang

Project Manager


Yonggang Li

Medical Implant Device National Engineering Lab Director


Haiping Chen



Yun Qin

Investment Director

ZhuHai Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Science

Qun Dang

President of Shanghai New Drug discovery Institute

CSPC Pharma

Shengyi Jiang

Managing Director

CTS Capital

Xiaofeng Ren


Renvigor Biosciences Co.

Zhiyuan Hu



Donald Shao

Invesment director

Fosun Pharma

Wenjie Xu

Investment Manager

MyBioGate, Inc.

Yonghua Zhou

Chief Scientist

Beijing Huiyu Biomedical Technologies LLC

Wenlong Liu

Top10 Entrepreneurship Tutors of Zhejiang Province

Qianyi Xu

Investment Manager

Huadong Medicine

Qian Chen



Dou Dou

Investment Manager

Oriza Seed Fund Management

Kaixuan Liu

Investment Director-Healthcare

Cybernaut(China) Investment

Stone Zhang

Managing Director

InnovationMap Inc

Maggie Wang

Business Development Manager

Button Capital