Bruce Xiao

PhotonFund Director of Investment

Bruce is the Investment Director of Photon Fund, who focuses on the field of global bioscience and medical technology innovation. Before joining Photon Fund, Bruce was the partner of MeFund Capital, the investment director of Beyond Capital & the investment manager of China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group (CSC Group,) as well as the R&D manager of China New Era Healthcare Group (CHG Group).

With more than ten years of R&D and investment experiences in medicare industry, Bruce had invested in multiple medical companies successfully such as Meinian Onehealth Holdings Co., Ltd. (002044), Panther Healthcare (835879), Surgnova Healthcare Technologies & Shanghai HanYu Medical Technology etc.

Bruce has an MS of Economics, emphasis in Medical Economics from Peking University & he also has an MS of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, emphasis in Microbe Genetic Engineering from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science.