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Ophthalmology Drug and Device

China’s ophthalmology market has grown rapidly in recent years. The aging of the population and the increase in inappropriate habits of eye use have caused a high incidence of eye diseases & disorders. According to the estimation of the cataract surgery rate (CSR), in 2017,  the CSR of China within one million population was only 2205, while the CSR of developed countries, such as Europe, America, Australia, and Japan, have reached 9000. This shows that China’s ophthalmology market has a huge space to grow.

Ophthalmology is a high-precision industry with a high threshold, especially in the high-value medical consumables that require high-degree refinement of materials and technology. Although a relatively complete ophthalmology industry chain has initially formed, there is still a big technological gap between domestic and imported products in high-value medical consumables, which allows new player to enter the market.

Submitted Projects:

Project ID: OPH101

Category: Ophthalmology Drug and Device

Keyword: Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (DRISTi) System

Project/Product Summary:

AI enabled imaging devices

Indications: Diabetes-induced retinopathy

Stage: Prototype

Partnering Objectives: Financing and business cooperation

Country: USA

Project ID: OPH102

Category: Ophthalmology Drug and Device

Keyword: DARC fluorescent protein label

Project/Product Summary:

Project OPH102 is led by Professor Francesca Cordeiro and Mr David Trevor commercialising DARC technology.
DARC technology uses a fluorescently labelled protein to identify stressed, sick and dying nerve cells which can be non-invasively imaged. Combined with a proprietary AI based algorithm, the no. and pattern of DARC spots enables the clinician to identify glaucoma patients 10 years ahead of current standard of care.
If you have a compound for glaucoma or AMD, including gene therapy or you are about to invest in such a company, we can de-risk your clinical development program & investment decision in 2-3 months instead of 2-3 years.

Indications: Glaucoma, AMD

Stage: Preclinical

Partnering Objectives: Series A Foundraising: 30 million US dollars fundraising, Commercial cooperation

Country: UK

Project ID: OPH103

Category: Ophthalmology Drug and Device

Keyword: Ultrasound treatment of glaucoma

Project/Product Summary:

Company is an ophthalmology company backed by European and Chinese investors. It’s proprietary product EyeXXX® is a unique non-invasive device to treat glaucoma with ultrasound. Glaucoma is a chronic serious disease affecting 90 million people worldwide. The standard of care are eyedrops, which often lose their therapeutic effect over time, and surgery which is related to significant risks of complications. EyeXXX® is CE marked, 7,000+ patients treated, 100+ clinical articles and presentations published.

Indications: Glaucoma

Stage: public listed

Partnering Objectives: Fundraising 10 million euros to grow the Chinese market, obtain FDA approval and open up markets in other countries

Country: China, France

Potential Chinese Partners: