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Rehabilitation Devices

Rehabilitation Devices

Projects mainly in the following focus areas (including but not limited to):

Rehabilitation assessment equipment:

  • Balance test and training system,
  • Speech-language assessment and evaluation system,
  • Gait analysis system,
  • Nerve function assessment system,
  • Muscle strength assessment system, etc.;

Rehabilitation training equipment:

  • Operational therapy,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Speech therapy,
  • Robot-assisted therapy,
  • Cognitive speech and hearing impairment rehabilitation equipment;

Rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment:

  • Electrotherapy equipment,
  • Magnetic therapy equipment,
  • Ultrasound equipment,
  • Optical equipment,
  • Hydrotherapy equipment, etc.;

Rehabilitation education equipment:

  • Multi-sensory training,
  • Emotional and behavioral disorder intervention;

Advanced materials and innovations for assistive devices:

  • Prosthetics innovation,
  • Hearing aids,
  • Visual aids, etc.

Potential Chinese Partners: