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Senior Partner Program

Join our Senior Partner Program to assist innovative healthcare projects and teams to successfully launch in china.  Apply today!


  1. Collaborate with our global team to source high-quality projects and talents globally, assist in projects launching at MyBioGate partnering industrial parks and corporates.
  2. Recruit more than 12 high-quality, innovative projects that are willing to enter the China market every year.
  3. Facilitate at least one selected project each year tolaunch the business in China, with the investment ofMyBioGate Fund; facilitate three or more projects every year to register at one of our partner industrial parks in China.
  4. Attend 3-4 MyBioGateevents each year and deliver speeches on behalf of MyBioGate(events will be in China, the United States, Europe, and other countries).

Have a strong background in the healthcare industry, with senior management experience in pharmaceutical or medical devices companies, research institutions, or investment funds.


  1. Compensation of $50,000/y;
  2. Act as the project manager and receive 20% of MyBioGate’s interest in the project which him or her bring to China;
  3. Grant the right of co-invest in the projects invested by MyBioGate Fund;
  4. MyBioGate Senior Partner title, MyBioGate work email, and business cards.

Partner organization

Become a Partner

We are looking for local strategic partners to join us in the Challenge and Accelerator program. Partners’ roles and responsibilities vary from different cities, with requirements including:

  • Promote the Challenge through the website, networking channels and business partners;
  • Recruit healthcare innovation companies to apply *(MyBioGate will provide the necessary support, see below for details);
  • Application follow-up and progress coordination;
  • Select suitable companies;
  • Recruiting, selecting, notifying, and coordinating with advisors and expert committee (*Chinese partners); and
  • Survey and feedback collection.
Partner benefits

Partners will be recognized at each event, and during the promotion of the Challenge, including:

  • Challenge website logo display and linking to Partners’ websites;
  • Online and offline event logo display; and,
  • All marketing materials for event promotion.