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Accelerator Program

MyBioGate Global Challenge will sponsor between 5 to 20 finalists from each sector for a half-year intensive accelerator program that focuses on connecting projects with critical, top life science industrial parks. China’s life science industrial parks bring vast resources that ensure projects successfully take root, such as identifying investors and raising funds. Projects and companies can expect to create and implement a Chinese market strategy and connect to KOLs, as well as build capital streams, conduct clinical trials, and form distribution channels. Our professional team will evaluate and pre-select projects, conduct virtual roadshows, facilitate online partnering, and form an acceleration advisory board.

Acceleration services

 Life Sciences Industrial Park Partnerships

Full Program Marketing and Branding

Chinese Market Strategic Integration Plan

Financial Cooperative Partnering Resources

China Landing Mentorship Team

Selected programs match up with a   dedicated team of mentors form a China Landing Mentorship Team. Each China Landing Mentorship Team will help companies develop a suitable China business plan and prepare applications for financial support from industrial parks as well as professional investors. 

The panel of mentors will provide advice and support in:

  • Chinese Market and Strategic Consulting
  • Fundraising Expertise and Connections
  • Program Assignment to a Key Life Science Industrial Parks
  • Team building, Registration, Clinical Trial Support, and Partnership.

Life Science Industrial Parks

Life science industrial parks play an essential role in the China life science ecosystem. Top industrial parks cultivate a vibrant corporate environment, provide positive regulatory support systems, provide financial assistance, and many other positive enhancements for company growth.

Suzhou Industrial Park
Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Xi’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Nanjing Jiangning National High-tech Industrial Park
Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park
Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Raising Funds

MyBioGate Global Challenge’s acceleration program boasts a wealth of support from top-tier life science industrial parks, +100 corporate professionals, and investors. 

By offering mentorships, roadshows, extensive training, and various resources, emerging healthcare companies can expect to gain valuable market insights and raise funds in China.

MyBioGate Global Challenge takes companies through the first round of investments, as well as offers the MyBioGate Fund for suitable projects.

Business Start-up and Vertical Market Resources

To get the project launched, mentors will assist in applying for local supportive needs, such as office space, a Chinese operations team, R&D subsidies, investment,  registration of the business and the start of operations at the selected ideal industrial park.  From there, the team will connect the project to CRO, professional incubation platforms, marketing and sales channels, product certification, and other needed resources.

Program Resources

Multi-Cultural MyBioGate Professional Team

MyBioGate offices are located in six cities across three countries with established multiple cross-border acceleration programs in China and the U.S. Team members have many years of cross-border business experiences and Chinese industrial park relations resources. Together, with the life sciences industrial parks, MyBioGate has formed working teams to support numerous successful projects partnering and landing in China.

MyBioGate Fund

                                                                                    The MyBioGate Fund is an early-stage investment fund, focusing on projects that enter the MyBioGate acceleration program.  The fund serves as a seed investment fund, designed to establish the project and attract investors.

Professional Mentorship Team

                                                                                  Our mentors bring more than 10 years of experience with business management, venture capital investing, and clinical applications from life science industrial park advisors and corporation directors or executives to investors, clinical experts, and service providers. Our mentors have a substantial understanding of specific fields, market trends, business models, technical prospects, and other aspects.

Powerful Advisory Team

                                                                        MyBioGate Global Challenge advisors oversee the industrial parks, enterprises, and investment institutions, making decisions on project evaluation, docking, and business negotiation. Advisors are from companies or institutions which have a demand for investment or project partnership in the related field.