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Accelerate Innovation, Enter China Market

Acceleration program for China expansion: Connect to the market, capital and resources in China


MyBioGate Global Challenge (MGC) provides an acceleration program designed to support healthcare companies interested in the Chinese market. The program boasts a wealth of support, including +100 top-tier life science industrial parks, corporate professionals, and investors. By offering mentorship, roadshows, extensive training, and various resources, emerging health sciences companies can feel confident in gaining valuable insights and business acceleration. Applications are free. Start now!

MyBioGate Global Challenge Difference

MyBioGate Global Challenge provides a unique offering to qualifying participants:


Subsidized funds and financial support are available, depending upon where the project lands in China, early-stage R&D funds, business start-ups, office resources, and HR. 

Develop Product-Market Fit

Our mentors provide valuable insights from the China market perspective for companies. Companies will earn how to develop a product-market fit with a China-specific business plan, including a growth strategy and fundraising plan.

Discover Business Partners

With a business strategy in hand, companies are then matched with interested Chinese business partners allowing for further development of a solid growth plan.

Raise Funding

MyBioGate Global Challenge takes companies through the first round of investments as well as offers the MyBioGate Fund for suitable projects.

Team Building

MyBioGate Global Challenge delivers a strong and supportive team-building operation in China, allowing companies to begin talent development.


Companies also receive access to vast resources in CRO, professional incubation services, product approvals and manufacturing, market channels, certifications, and more.


MyBioGate Global Challenge carefully selects the most popular areas of life sciences technologies, including IVD, rehabilitation devices, wearables, orthopedics, medical imaging, and more. Our diligent screen process assures a right-fit with our dedicated investors. Think you have what it takes? Bring your innovative project to China’s emerging market.

Eligibility and rules

Together with the best investors, leading healthcare companies and regional healthcare communities, we are calling for innovative healthcare projects from around the world to join us and take advantage of the largest emerging market, within the confines of the following rules:

1. The project or team must have a desire or plan to enter the Chinese market or seek Chinese partners.
2. The project or team must fully own all intellectual property rights, and/or be facing no IP disputes.
3. The project should have notable market potential and value in China.
4. The product must be already on the market, at the later-stage of development, or has a clear business model and development plan.
5. The project should have a strong team, with at least 3 people. Chinese language skills or previous China-related work experience will be a great advantage to help businesses succeed.
6. The participants shall be responsible for the legal problems caused by the violation of these rights. The technical documents and data provided must be true and reliable.

Enter the world’s largest emerging market, receive funding, find product-market fit, get mentor support, build a team, select business partners, and scale your business

Selection Process

Please note: Each project follows the same selection process. This is NOT a competition between other projects or companies.  Each project will be evaluated based solely on potential interest in China, and proceed from there.

Step I

Submission will be open from July 2020 to October 2020. Please submit your project now for immediate evaluation and partnering.

Step II

An initial review will be conducted by a team of experts consisting of industrial park advisors, top healthcare companies, investors, and clinical experts.  The initial review is based on actual business needs from these entities.

Step III

The online roadshow and partnering will be based on interest shown by potential Chinese partners. We are expecting the potential Chinese partners to select between 5 to 20 preferred projects that they would like to communicate with and discuss further. These projects will then enroll in a six-month free cross-border accelerator program.

Step IV

In addition to other services, selected preferred projects will enroll in a free accelerator program, where each will achieve the following:
1. Complete and perfect a Chinese market and fundraising strategy;
2. Find reliable and professional Chinese partners;
3.Select industrial parks and cities that the project will initiate in China, and obtain free office space;
4. Raise the first Chinese market development "seed funds;"
5. Form a competitive Chinese operations team; and,
6. Apply for lead investment, R&D, and human resources subsidies.

Past Challenge

June 2 Preliminary, Philadelphia, U.S.

Sept 10 Preliminary, Boston, U.S.

Nov 10 Preliminary, Hamburg, G.E.R.




Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Xi’an High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Suzhou Industrial Park

Nanjing Jiangning National High-tech Industrial Park

Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Zhongguancun Life Science Park

Chinese Strategic Partners

Participating Investors