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Medical Imaging Equipment

Medical Imaging Equipment 

Projects mainly in the following focus areas (including but not limited to):

Medical imaging diagnostic equipment:

Including X-ray equipment (low-dose X-ray machine, DR (digital direct imaging X-ray equipment), DSA (digital subtraction angiography X-ray machine)), new CT (X-ray electronic computer tomography device), nuclear magnetic resonance equipment ( MRI), ultrasound imaging equipment (high-end color ultrasound technology), nuclear medicine imaging equipment (PET/CT);

PACS (Medical Imaging Archive and Communication System) system, multimodal molecular imaging, new microscopic imaging, thermal imaging equipment such as infrared and microwave, and medical image therapy equipment (such as interventional radiology system, stereotactic radiosurgery SRS, stereo Directional radiation therapy SRT, X knife, γ knife, and other treatment equipment), etc.

Potential Chinese Partners: