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Orthopedics Implant Medical Device

The orthopedic medical device is one of the largest sub-sectors in the medical equipment industry. Due to its huge consumer base, accelerated growth of elderly population, and rising medical demand, the sales scale of orthopedic implants in China has exceeded RMB¥ 26.2 billion in China in 2018 (approximately USD$3.7 billion). This figure is an increase of RMB¥ 3.7 billion (USD$ 52.8 million) over 2017, with a growth rate of 16.44%.

Submitted Projects:

Project ID: ORT101

Category: Orthopedics Medical Device/Drug

Keyword: Composite material (replacement of fracture metal support)

Project/Product Summary:

The company product portfolio is centered around innovative adhesive composites that can out-compete today’s Standard-of-Care metal implants for fracture fixations. Three product prototypes have already been preclinically validated by surgeons and BMB is now on open for investment that will allow the company to conduct First-in-Man study, CE marking and commercialization. Below is a summary of the USPs that accompanies the products:

– Developed due to the demand from surgeons
– Simple chemistry and scalable compositions
– Viable and personalized surgical method
– Fixation of complex fractures with increased freedom
– Topical, proper and maintained fixation without the need of metal plates. Loadbearing of 20 kg/2cm2
– Non-toxic, non-inflammatory, non-genotoxic

Indications: fracture

Stage: Pre-Clinical

Partnering Objectives: Fund Raising: 5MM Euro

Country: Sweden

Project ID: ORT102

Category: Orthopedics Medical Device/Drug

Keyword: Recombinant immunotoxin

Project/Product Summary:

Project ORT102 is focused on developing an optimized, recombinant immunotoxin for treatment of multiple myeloma (MM). Founded by experienced drug developers with an exclusive worldwide Commercial license from the NIH, BEORO pursues a virtual biotech business model for its lead asset BeT101. In-vitro BeT101 selectively kills primary myeloma cells with picomolar potency and in-vivo it has achieved complete cures in two MM xenograft models. BEORO seeks series A investment of €13 mio to develop GMP and analytics processes, perform GLP Tox assessment, and demonstrate clinical proof of concept in a phase 1 study within the next 3 years.

Indications: Multiple myeloma

Stage: Phase I

Partnering Objectives: Fund Raising:13MM Euro, Series A

Country: Germany

Project ID: ORT103

Category: Orthopedics Medical Device/Drug

Keyword: Oral Fracture Therapy

Project/Product Summary:

The drug developed by the project is the first oral therapy to repair fractures and keep bones strong. Through preliminary animal experiments and observational studies in more than 1,000 patients outside the United States, the company has proven the efficacy of its drugs in treating fractures, restoring bone tissue, and curing other bone diseases.

Indications: Fractures and other bone diseases

Stage: clinical

Partnering Objectives: Fundraising

Country: USA

Potential Chinese Partners: