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Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments

Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments 

Projects mainly in the following focus areas (including but not limited to):

Endoscopes (hard tube, semi-flexible endoscopes, fiber optic endoscopes, electronic endoscopes, ultrasound endoscopes, etc.) and imaging lenses, image sensors, image display systems, imaging platforms, etc.,

Ultrasonic cutting hemostatic knife (cutter head material and manufacturing process),

Tumor ablation equipment (radiofrequency ablation RFA, microwave ablation MWA, laser ablation, etc.),

Interventional materials, such as drug sustained-release stents, coronary vascular stents, neural interventional stent systems, small-caliber artificial blood vessels, new artificial heart valve systems, balloon dilatation catheters, cardiography catheters, guide catheters, various lumen stents, etc.,

Other critical technologies for real-time endoscopic imaging, such as composite endoscopy imaging system, three-dimensional ring-scanning ultrasound imaging, high-magnification fluorescence contrast optical magnification imaging, laser tomography imaging, ultrasonic electronic composite endoscopic probe, fluorescent microscopic endoscopic probe, etc. Core components.

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