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Dental Medical Devices

Dental Medical Devices

Projects mainly in the following focus areas (including but not limited to):

All kinds of inspection equipment, treatment equipment and related parts of oral surgery, oral repair, orthodontics;

Dental surgery instruments, such as oral knives, scissors, forceps, hooks, needles, mouth mirrors, gum separators, gingival separators, scrapers, pickers, grinders, cement powder fillers, amalgam fillers, crown removers;

Stomatology equipment and appliances, including integrated treatment tables or machines, dental drills and accessories, dental chairs and handpieces, medical scaler, dental pulp vitality tester, root canal length measuring and treatment instruments, light curing machine, high-power suction device, three-way spray gun, electric suction system, medical air compression machine, dental mold tester, dental surgery lamp, dental lighting, etc.

Stomatology materials, such as polymer denture materials, dental implant materials, root canal filling materials, periodontal plugging agents, maxillofacial restoration materials, permanent filling, materials, metal, ceramic denture materials, dental preventive health care materials, orthodontic materials, impression materials, model materials, etc.;

The application of VR/AR technology, 3D, and other new technologies in oral medical devices and new materials.

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