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Case study (MyBioGate Accelerator)

Project M186

Case Background

Project M186 is an international leading single-cell cDNA automated library construction kit with high-throughput and multi-channel detection technology. The company focuses on equipment R&D and the development and implementation of the technology in the single-cell detection related fields.

The company is highly optimistic about the enormous potential of the China market.  It anticipates the MyBioGate Accelerator can help the project shorten the pre-market circle and facilitate high-efficient cooperation.

Goals and Achievements


  • Quickly raise investment and start-up capital in China.
  • Establish a complete supply, test kits, and research services sales network, sell the product to 50+ research institutions in 3 years.
  • Partnering with Chinese industrial parks and obtain local supports, complete technology transfer.

Our achievements:

  • Obtained 10 million RMB (approximately 1.43 million U.S. dollars) capital investment.
  • The project landed in Suzhou at the end of 2019, received local support with start-up capital and laboratory space.
  • The company is in the process of forming the sales team for product distribution.
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