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Claire W SHA

Managing Partner, AriMed Advisors Ltd.

Area of expertise: IVD

Claire founded AriMed group in September of 2010. In ten years, it’s completed transactions totaling over USD $350 million, becoming one of the leading financial advisory firms in the healthcare and life science industries while managing a healthcare fund of USD $100 million. Some of the companies in her portfolio are KangNing Psychiatric Hospital Group, Hybribio, and Viewhigh. She’s also invested in Applied Stem Cell Ltd., BioNano Genomics, Heartech Ltd., Ligatech, and DIH Technology Ltd. Claire has been a Senior Marketing Manager for Medtronic Great China where she focused on corporate strategy and implementation and therapy market development. She’s also worked at both Schering Pharmaceutical and Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical as a Product Manager. Claire was trained as a medical doctor at Xi’an Medical University and worked as a gynecologist at JST hospital in Beijing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in clinical medicine and an MBA and biotech certificate from Richard Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario. She’s a member of BayHelix Life Science Group and a member of Life Academy.