Liu Ligang

Angel Investor

Liu Ligang is an angel investor (individual) and an empowering value investor.  He has worked for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Hong Kong ICBC International, CYTS and Heling Capital. Engaged in equity investment for 19 years.

Liliang is good at corporate finance, business model design, strategic planning, and resource integration services.  Liliang focuses on new biological drugs, medical and aesthetic industries, medical+Internet of Things, medical+technology, new materials, and information technology, and have successful investment cases. For example, Yantai Zhenghai Biological Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Huibaiyan Co., Ltd.

Liliang invests in projects from round A to round D; with investment amount 100-10,000 RMB; investment decision making takes average 2-3 months.

Ideal investment projects: More than 30 million RMB revenue in the previous fiscal year and the expected revenue for the current year was more than 50 million RMB, the projected profit was more than 20 million.

Ideal projects: Biomedicine, the company has great team members, technical products are commercialized, products have technical barriers, and the founders have industrial planning.