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Why People Choose an Orthopedics Implant Medical Device

The future of healthcare not only looks a lot different than it does now, it also will be happening in different parts of the world. This is why MyBioGate is hosting a Challenge event focused on orthopedics implant medical devices, which are some of the most interesting and futuristic projects in healthcare today.

Our Challenge events take applicants who are focused on a specific aspect of healthcare and gives them a chance to pitch their idea to a number of forward-thinking innovators and investors who understand the important part that China plays in the future of healthcare. Everyone will have a chance to better understand why investors are flocking to China, and a select few will be given a chance to further develop their ideas for a growing market.

A New Way to Look at Healthcare

If the past few months have taught us anything, it is that our approach to healthcare throughout the world has been insufficient. Between lagging technological innovations and distribution systems that need updating, the world has been slow to adapt to rapid changes in healthcare. China has become a leader in looking to the future. With a growing population and a desire to improve its healthcare system, China has become a place where innovators go to develop their ideas before bringing them to market, and MyBioGate can help.

Through events like our Challenge events, MyBiogate has been able to turn its deep connections with Chinese innovators and investors into a networking opportunity for all. Our events are a chance to showcase the healthcare of tomorrow while connecting companies and individuals with people in China who can invest and help.

MyBioGate is dedicated to events and opportunities that pair the future of healthcare with the most innovative and forward-thinking investors on the planet. With an exploding economy and a healthcare system that is completely changing how we distribute, administer and manage health, China is fast becoming the place to invest in new technologies and ideas, and MyBioGate is here to help.

Events that will Change the World

Our Challenge events are available for investors and innovators alike. For our Challenge event focused on orthopedics implant medical devices, we are looking for people who are interested in the following:

• Trauma, spine, joints, and sports medical-related medical equipment

• Orthopedic computer-aided technologies, such as computer navigation and positioning systems, orthopedic surgical robots, etc.

• New materials such as orthopedic biomaterials, new alloy materials, new coating materials, and composite materials

• 3D printing technology applications

• Personalized prostheses

• Special structural manufactured body parts

• Minimally invasive spine technology

• Digital orthopedics

If you are involved in any of these products and want to take your idea to the next level, apply to be part of our event. We will be selecting the most promising ideas and giving them additional exposure. Whether you are interested in investing or developing, we can help you succeed. Click here to learn more.

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