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Chengdu International Bio-town Investment & Development: Building a Modern Bio Ecosystem with International Competitiveness and Regional Drive

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Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

The biological industry is one of the three leading industries in the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone. By 2020, the main business income of the biomedicine industry was expected to exceed RMB 80 billion. Thus, there would be a national biomedical research and development innovation center and industrialization base built in Chengdu.

In 2018, the scale of the biological industry in the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone exceeded RMB 40 billion, ranking 6th among national Chinese biomedical industrial parks. The regulated pharmaceutical industry companies achieved revenues of RMB 20.1 with more than 1500 biological enterprises in the district. 37 companies had an annual sales revenue of more than RMB 100 million, including 2 whose revenue reached RMB 2 billion and 4 whose revenue reached RMB 1 billion. There are 11 listed biological companies with more than 700 drug and medical device projects under research.

Also in 2018, the region’s investment promotion and talent recruitment work had good results. A total of 50 key biomedical projects were introduced throughout the year, including Sanofi, Allergan and other top 500 companies, including a total of 5 Nobel Prize teams and 4 teams of academicians.

In 2019, there was a focus on concept from the municipal party committee to build an industrial ecosphere, in accordance with the work requirements for the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone to accelerate the construction of “six pioneering areas” and to build a modern biological industry system. Tianfu International Biological City was the main support for the development of the biomedical industry in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone. It takes talent gathering as the core leading element of industrial development and focuses on the four major industries of biomedicine, biomedical engineering, biological services, and new health economy. There was further focus on the development of six major industry segments, including biotechnology drugs, new chemical pharmaceutical drugs, modern Chinese medicines, high-performance medical devices, smart health/precision medicine, and professional outsourcing services. Thus, the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone forwards the industrial investment goal of “recruiting large and strong” industries.

Bio-town Layout


The Chengdu Hi-tech Zone has the offices of two committees, the Electronic Information Industry Development Bureau, the Biological Industry Development Bureau, and the High-tech Investment Group.

Primary duties

  • Responsible for researching and formulating the development strategy, industrial planning and development policy of the biological industry
  • Responsible for the promotion of the whole chain of services such as investment, project construction, project operation, and corporate services of the biological industry
  • Promote the construction of biomedical innovation platform, collaborative innovation, introduction and transformation of achievements and related services
  • Take the lead in coordinating the construction of Chengdu International Bio-town Investment & Development in the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone and the Shuangliu District.
  • Undertake other tasks assigned by the Management Committee of the Party Working Committee

Internal organization

Work is divided among the five internal organizations within the Bioindustry Development Bureau.

  • The General Office is responsible for the daily operation of goals, literature and telecommunications, conference affairs, finance, and archives.
  • The Investment Promotion Office is responsible for the introduction of biological industry projects, the construction of the biological industry investment promotion network system and project information database, the organization and implementation of major investment promotion activities in the biological industry, and the promotion of related industrialization projects.
  • The Achievement Transformation Office coordinates the development of bio-industry technology and innovation capacity, the construction of the bio-industry innovation and entrepreneurship carrier system and the cultivation of innovative enterprises, and promotes the construction of the bio-industry innovation and entrepreneurship system
  • The Park Construction Office is responsible for taking the lead in coordinating the development and construction of the Chengdu International Bio-town in accordance with the spirit of the “Chengdu Hi-tech Zone-Shuangliu District Cooperation Agreement for the Construction of the International Biological City”.
  • The Corporate Service Office is responsible for biological industry development research, economic operation analysis, and industrial planning preparation, supervision and implementation, and evaluation. It is also responsible for the formulation and implementation of biological industry policies, the construction and management of biological industry enterprise database, corporate coordination services and industry association liaison, and for coordinating the biomedical ports and logistics services.


The biomedical industry in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone is mainly concentrated in three parks: Tianfu Biological City, Tianfu Life Science Park, and Xinchuan Biomedicine Incubation Park.

  • Tianfu Biological City has a total area of about 44 square kilometers with high-quality water resources such as Yong’an Reservoir and Jinjiang River.
  • Tianfu Life Science Park is located in the southern district of Chengdu High-tech Zone. It focuses on innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises in biomedicine and related fields. It is an important carrier for the development of the core area of ​​the biomedical industry in Chengdu, an important biomedical R&D and innovation center, and an industry incubation center. There are a total of 174 companies in the park.
  • Xinchuan Biomedicine Incubation Park is ocated in Xinchuan Innovation and Technology Park, a world-class health and new economy professional park. It has the “China-Europe Center” international bio-industry radiation park which is the core functional area of ​​the health and medical big data industry in western China.


The General Office of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government issued the document “Several Policies to Promote the High-quality Development of the Chengdu Biopharmaceutical Industry”, which supports R&D and innovation, promotes major projects, strengthens enterprise cultivation, gathers industry talents, improves the service system, supports market development, optimizes the business environment and other major initiatives.

As the main engine of reform and innovation of Chengdu’s healthcare industry, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone has proposed an “ecosphere” policy. One year after the implementation of the “ecosphere” policy, Sanofi, a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, invested in Chengdu’s central and western operation and innovation center and Allergan, a well-known international medical and aesthetic company, plans to move into the Bio-town.

Meanwhile, the Association of Bio-industry Experts in the High-tech Zone was established. The government set up a platform for industry experts participate in depth and built a bridge for efficient communication between the government and the market. At present, they have developed more than 100 entrepreneurs and scientists as members from different fields of the biological industry.

The Chengdu Hi-tech Zone attaches great importance to industrial innovation, regards variety cultivation as the core of innovation, and provides large-scale financial support in stages for medical devices with independent intellectual property rights, key innovative technologies, and good market prospects. It plans to build an industrial ecosystem of “four chains, one community, one system” in a relatively short period of time, and build a competitive “International Clinical Research Service Center for Drugs and Medical Devices”, “Global Production Center for Biotechnology Drugs”, and “Sichuan Chengdu International Center”. “Medical Center”, “Global New Drug R&D Outsourcing Service Trading Center”, and “Global Biomedicine Supply Chain Service Center” to make area more complex, with a more scientific layout, more professional platform, and more concentrated talents.


  • Innovation chain empowerment

The first goal is to build an intelligent, global, credible, and convenient transaction center for the biopharmaceutical industry. The second is to establish a biomedical industry map, create a window of opportunity for achievements of the Chengdu biomedical industry, and to plan to evolve the biomedical industry command and decision system.

  • Supply chain access

The first goal is to build an efficient port system, relying on the railway system to establish a seamless connection with the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway and Shuangliu Airport. The second is to build China’s only large-scale customs clearance service platform focusing on the biopharmaceutical industry. Thus they will improve port service functions and integrate drug inspection and commodity inspection functions at customs ports. The third goal is to gather a group of supply chain logistics enterprises.

  • International community integration

The goal here is to develop a city with “knowledge + art + health” characteristics by making green spaces. A secondary goal is to build libraries, museums, opera houses, cultural and art centers, life and health science and technology museums, and other centers of art and culture.

Other projects