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Wego Prize

Wego Prize

  1. Wego Travel Prize: 5 selected candidates will receive cash prize from 5000 to 7000 RMB, get an invitation to Weihai (Headquarter of       Wego Group) to visit Wego and its subsidiaries. All trip expenses in Weihai will be covered by the organizer.
  2. Selected candidates can also enter to win additional cash or investment prize:
  • Wego Gold Prize:¥30,000;
  • Wego Silver Prize:¥20,000;
  • Wego Bronze Prize:¥10,000;
  • Investment of ¥1 million~30 million by Wego Angel Fund depending on cooperation intention of both parties;
  • Wego group is able to provide full range of cooperation for award-winning enterprises such as landing support, manufacturing, CFDA registration and distribution, technology introduction, JV or investment in China.

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1、The applicant should own FDA/CE/CFDA registered products; or own products enrolled in phaseⅠ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ clinical trials;

2、The applicant is open to partner with Wego Group on selected products in China market.

Areas of Interest

1、Injection and infusion consumables, wound care consumables:

  • Value-added consumables in injection, infusion, wound care,suture,IV catheter, prefilled injection and Dental implant consumables


  • Plasma cutter(For example, equal to smith & nephew coblation system )
  • Planning system(For example, equal to smith & nephew DYONICS system )
  • Ultrasonic treatment equipment
  • Spine, trauma, arthrosis related consumables (such as metal plate, metal screw, fusion cage, knee-joint, hit joint, etc.)

3、Blood purification equipment and consumables:

  • Hemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis equipment
  • Hollow fiber dialyzer and other consumables

4、Minimally invasive intervention consumables:

  • Micro guide wire, micro catheter and its conveying system
  • Intervention consumables used in intracardiac department, neurosurgery department, vascular surgery department

5、Intelligent equipment:

  • Chemiluminescence apparatus and detection reagents (focuses on tumor and infectious disease)
  • Imaging equipment (ultrasonic diagnostic, DR)
  • Surgical robots (For example, equal to Da Vinci Surgical system)


  • Infusion solutions, dialysis powder and dialysis concentrate solutions
  • Special food for medical purpose
  • Endoscopic cleaning and disinfection products.


WEGO HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED (“WEGO”) was established in 1988, and it principal business focus on medical devices and pharmaceuticals. In addition, WEGO develops some other business such as real estate and investment. WEGO has 10 industry groups and more than 80 production subsidiaries. WEGO Holding’s subsidiary —SHANDONG WEIGAO GROUP MEDICAL POLYMER CO., LIMITED is listed in Hong Kong. WEGO acquired Argon (a US medical device company) with $850m in 2017.

WEGO now has 6 industry group focus on medical devices and pharmaceutical, and has products in more than 700 categories and 80,000 specifications products, and has become one of the most reliable suppliers of medical system solutions in the world.