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Top-tier Chinese Pharmaceutical company profile: Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group (YRPG)

Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group (YRPG)

  • Total Assets: US$ 1.78 Billion
  • Number of Employees: 13,000+
  • Founded: 1971


Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group (YRPG) is a large-scale Chinese pharmaceutical group who integrates research, manufacturing, and trading into a successful medical company. According to the data published by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), YRPG took the first place in TOP 100 enterprises of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry in 2010, 2014, and 2015. It also has ranked First in the Chinese chemical-pharmaceutical industry for four consecutive years. Headquartered in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, YRPG has over 20 subsidiaries located in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, etc.

Overseas collaboration

In 2013, YRPG reached a collaboration agreement with SUB Company in Netherland and Leiden Bio Science Park. The agreement included the registration and accreditation of TCM in the Europe Union; the R&D of TCM, the establishment of Medical Research Center Integrating Traditional and Western Medicine, and the establishment of a cooperation institution or overseas subsidiary company to promote the sales of TCM and similar products in the European market. Moreover, YRPG further planned to establish a subsidiary company at Leiden Bio Science Park of South Holland to cultivate talents with joint efforts of Leiden University.


The company invests 3% of its annual sales revenue into technological innovation. Their YRPG R&D Institute has a professional team with almost 500 personnel. Of this impressive team 50+ are holders of Ph.D. who are experts in the R&D field of chemical medicines, traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), and biological medicines.

Through years of continuous innovation, its portfolio includes both Chinese and Western medicines covering over ten fields. This includes 20 dosage forms and over 200 drugs. At the current time, about 100 medicines for major diseases are under research.

Products & Market

The company’s well-known products include Weisu granules, Gingko leaf tablets, dezocine injection, etc. In the varied pharmaceutical preparations of YRPG, 25 products meet USP or BP. Six products (Omeprazole capsules, Enalapril tablets, Nifedipine Sustained-release tablets, Glimepiride tablet, Sotalol tablets, and Gingko Leaf Tablets) in 3 facilities are EU GMP certified. Weisu Granules is recommended to the EU market, and Lanqin Oral Solution and Huangqi Oral Solution are awarded Quality System Certificate for Imported & Exported Medicinal Herbs & Preparations. The company has 44 preparations that have been exported to 15 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and 90 preparations are under registration in 39 countries in the above regions and South America. Over the 40 years, YRPG has obtained over 330 approvals for chemical medicines, over 80 new medicine certificates, and has formulated over 180 state standards for medicine. YRPG is committed to building a consolidation of products including anti-inflammatory, anticancer, cardiovascular, digestive, painkilling, internal secretion drugs.

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