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Top-tier Chinese Pharmaceutical company profile: Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group

Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (CSPC)

  • 2019 Revenue: US$ 3.26 Billion
  • Number of Employees: 25,000
  • Founded: 1938


As a Chinese leading pharmaceutical enterprise, CSPC has a total asset of US$ 6.06 billion. Listed in Hong Kong01093.HKwith a market value of US$ 12.9 billion and one of the Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, CSPC has had pharmaceutical shares available for the past 50 years.

CSPC is engaged in pharmaceutical development, production, and sales. Their essential products sprawl over seven branches and nearly 1,000 varieties, including products such as antibiotics, vitamins, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine, antipyretic and analgesic one, digestive medicine, and antineoplastic. The sales of 30 single-variety products have exceeded RMB 6 million.


CSPC ranks among the top-level in China’s domestic new medicine research and development. The program is conducted in China and America simultaneously, and a global collaborative open research and development system has been established. The company now has a biological research team led by 13 high-level American medical scientists. Based on the Institute for Biological Studies in China, they research antibody drug development in centers in California, Texas, and New Jersey. In these centers, they aim at screening and preliminary studies of new targets for antibody drugs and cell line construction, technology development of antibody drugs and the fixed-point coupling of antibodies, and the development of ADC drugs. In Chinese R&D centers, they focus on industrialization amplification, production, and bispecific antibody studies.

CSPC DOPHEN Corporation is the first overseas R&D center located in Sacramento, CA. The center was built in 2011 and opened formally in 2012 with a total investment of more than US$ 10 million. It occupies 2,300 square meters of lab space.

Conjupro Biotherapeutics, Inc., a subsidiary of CSPC, is in Princeton, New Jersey. It is a collaboration and exchange platform for commerce, technology, and talents between CSPC and the US pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, it oversees foreign collaboration and screening novel projects, seeking new collaborative opportunities with research institutes and technology companies from around the world.

AlaMab, a newly built biotechnology laboratory in Texas, mainly conducts the screening and preliminary study of new targets for antibody drugs. Likewise, the R&D center in New Jersey mostly carries on cell line construction and technology development of antibody drugs.

Products & Market

CSPC has more than 200 new medicine programs underway, mainly for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetes), tumors, psychosis, and neuropathy. NBP, which is already present on the market, is a globally leading medicine in treating strokes. It is also the third categoryⅠnovel medicine in China that owns proprietary intellectual property rights. It is expected to realize US$ 1 billion of single-variety sales while intellectual property rights are protected in 86 countries around the world.

CSPC promotes its internationalization strategy by creative work at ANDA, new medicine applications, and meeting international quality standards. They aim at imitating generic drug versions of high barrier drugs. Up to now, 16 medicines have been approved by ANDA. Meanwhile, NDA is accelerating development. NBP has completed Phase Ⅱ clinical trials in the US. NBP, Mitoxantrone hydrochloride liposome injection, and the gastric cancer drug “DP303c” are being developed in the USA under the orphan-drug designation.

In terms of quality conditions, the R&D and production requirements of CSPC fully conform to international standards. Twenty-five medicines passed American FDA on-site inspections, and CSPc has 16 CEP certificates and 33 DMF registrations in total.

Overseas Collaboration

CSPC collaborates with giant international generic medicines enterprises, making full use of their mature medicine regulations and commercial channels to sell quickly. In 2017, CSPC signed three high-end generic medicines agreements with Teva, Citron, and Casperon on overseas technical authorization and commercial collaboration.


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