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Ophthalmology Drug and Device

Introductions of Selected Companies

Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical

Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise professionally engaged in ophthalmic R&D, production, and sales. With the responsibility of revitalizing the Chinese national medical industry, Sinqi is wholeheartedly committed to the specialty of ophthalmology. In 2007, Sinqi Pharmaceutical R&D Center was named after the “Liaoning Sinqi Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technological ResearchCenter” by Liaoning Science and Technology Bureau. In 2014, Sinqi Pharmaceutical smoothly passed the 2010 national GMP certification.

“While forging ahead with determination and daring to struggle”, “Sinqi” has already become a successful ophthalmic brand through its unremitting efforts and innovation made by all Sinqi staff. Sinqi Pharmaceutical is marching towards the leading ophthalmic field with great concentration and persistence, transferring more scientific research achievements into superior products to serve public health and become a competitive brand across the world. At present, the company possesses ten series of more than 30 products such as antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory agents, artificial tears, cornea repair drugs, antiviral agents, anti-allergic drugs, antifungal drugs, mydriatic drugs, operation drugs, glaucoma curatives, etc. It has developed 6 original research drugs and 9 patent drugs so as to offer high-quality products to the curative field of ophthalmic diseases.

Founded in July 2009, the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation was created with contributive capital of RMB 1 million by Newsun, Chairman and General Manager of the company. Along with its predecessor, the Sinqi Sunshine Foundation, the Sinqi Philanthropic Foundation signifies new progress that the company has made towards philanthropic relief action, and symbolizes Sinqi staff’s determination and confidence in shouldering social responsibilities.

Guanhao Biotech

Guanhao Biotech is a company focusing on the regenerative medicine industry, expanding its business to life science fields. The company builds bridges to globe-wide high-end technological resources and achievements and keeps investing in the area of biomaterials, stem cells, pharmaceutical industry, and advanced medical technologies, resulting in the form of “3+1” branches, namely the material, the cell therapy, the pharmaceutical branches, and a tech incubator platform.

The company has established a globally competitive medical technology platform of animal-derived biomaterials in the field of regenerative materials after more than a decade’s developing time. Relying on its leading level in the inducible regenerative functional biomaterials, the company has been involved in more than twenty national or local scientific projects and has become the national research center and the industrialization demonstration base in this field. The Regenerative Medical Implanted Machine National Engineering Laboratory and The Regenerative Biological Membrane High Technology Industrialization Demonstration Project have been successively appointed to Guanhao Biotech by The National Development and Innovation Committee. In the present, the company holds hundreds of national or world patents and has marketed original products including NormalGEN dura repair patch, GrandNeuro (Type B) dura repair patch, ThromalGEN (Type P) surgical patch, ThromalGEN (Type B) surgical patch, DermalGEN wound dressing, IREAL breast patch and Youvision Acellular corneal graft. As well as the artificial lens products represented by Zhuhai Xiangle, they can be widely used in neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopaedics, cosmetology and so on.

In the fields of cell and stem cell therapies, the company sets steps in autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), immune cell bank in the present, and starts to invest in immune cell therapy R&D. In the stem cell area, the company cooperates with the professor Hongkui Deng’s research team from Beijing University and has established the Bei Hao Stem cell and Regenerative Research Institute, aiming to build up a world-class platform in generality key technologies of immune cells and to gather global talents and technologies for translational stem cell R&D.

Guangdong Zhonghao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wenfeng Tianji Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., which are controlled by the company, both of which holds the intellectual property of 1.1 class new drug Benvitimode in the China region. Benvitimode is a non-hormonal small molecule chemical isolated from natural microbial metabolites. The Medicine is the world’s first; it can be used in the treatment of certain autoimmune diseases, for example, psoriasis (commonly known as “scaly tetter”) and eczema; and it was listed as “The 12th five-year plan” national “major new drug creation” major science and technology projects by National Ministry of Science and Technology. In May 2019, Benvidimod Cream, a class of innovative drugs, was approved to be marketed through the priority approval procedure of the State Drug Administration. The product is used locally for the treatment of mild to moderate stable psoriasis Vulgaris in adults.

In the science and technology incubation sector, Guanhao Science Park initiates the professional innovation incubation mode of “listed company + Incubator + industry fund”, strives to build the most professional industry-financed interactive life-health innovation and entrepreneurship Incubation Platform in China, and provides the overall solution of entrepreneurship projects and packaging services of industrialization transformation. In December 2017, Guanhao Science Park was identified as a state-level incubator of science and technology enterprises.  

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