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Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments 

Introductions of Selected Companies


Established in 1999, Micro-Tech strives to improve people’s health. With our high-quality offerings, we want to support physicians and nurses in their daily work and are always seeking new and innovative solutions for the requirements of today’s hospitals, clinics, and physician practices.

By 2003, Micro-Tech has built a widespread reputation in the field of non-vascular stents in China. In 2003, Micro-Tech started to develop disposable accessories of the endoscope from disposable biopsy forceps. Over ten years, Micro-Tech has been devoting itself to proprietary IP, technologies & special “know-how”, advanced facilities, rigorous quality control system. Rooted in the “World Plant”, China, we have more opportunities to improve cost control of manufacturing processes.

Now, Micro-Tech runs its own R&D, engineering, production, and logistic departments – from the original idea to the delivery of the final product everything is in house. In addition, Micro-Tech is taking joint-research with medical institutes and university laboratories. The joint project of “R&D and Application of New-type GI Stent” with Southeast University was approved as Award Grade Two of National Science and Technology Progress in 2011.

Micro-Tech has built a dedicated team to respond to this fiercely competitive and rapidly changing market. In 2007, Micro-Tech Europe was established in Germany as the direct sales and services channel to the European market.

Micro-Tech has become the largest manufacturer of non-vascular stents and disposable biopsy forceps in China. The main products, including stents, disposable biopsy forceps, dilatation balloons, and others, have covered above 50% market share in China. Outside China, Micro-Tech sells products to Europe, North America, and Oceania, etc.  Micro-Tech also provides OEM/ODM service to well-known international companies in the medical device field.
Micro-Tech has been working for developing innovative instruments in the field of minimally invasive surgery for ten years. We are adept in working together with clinicians, sales partners and suppliers. So Micro-Tech has a dream of being the best “innovative plant” trusted by clinicians and partners.


Mindray, founded in 1991, is a leading global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices whose mission is to deliver high-quality, richly featured medical products making healthcare more accessible and affordable around the world. Mindray provides solutions in three core businesses: Patient Monitoring and Life Support, Medical Imaging, and In-Vitro Diagnostics.

With corporate headquarters located in Shenzhen, China, and 42 international subsidiaries with branch offices in 32 countries, Mindray has approximately 7,500 employees worldwide.  Eight global R&D centers and an industry-leading investment of 10% of annual revenue into research and development further demonstrates Mindray’s commitment to innovation and advancing technology in a global market.

In 2008 Mindray acquired Datascope’s patient monitoring business, which offered a wide range of patient monitors in the OR, emergency care, and critical care environments for over 50 years.  With that acquisition, Mindray has become the third-largest player in the North American and global patient monitoring markets, and the third-largest supplier of anesthesia systems as well.

Another milestone was the 2013 acquisition of ultrasound technology leader Zonare Medical Systems, based in Silicon Valley, California, solely dedicated to ultrasound excellence through its next-generation, software-based ZONE Sonography® Technology (ZST). This innovative technology provides the platform for the company’s Living Technology – a continually evolving architecture to meet the changing imaging needs of the clinician.

Today, Mindray products and services can be found in healthcare facilities in over 190 countries and regions.


Founded in 1994,Make endoscopic diagnosis and treatment more accessible and convenient.

After more than 20 years of dedication and innovation, Aohua’s products have covered multiple clinical departments such as gastroenterology department, pneumology department, otolaryngology department, emergency department, anesthesiology department, and ICU.

Aohua envisions itself to become the world’s leading provider of overall endoscopic solutions. It’s mission is to make endoscopic diagnosis and treatment more accessible and convenient.  Aohua Values: Dedication, innovation, continuous learning, customer satisfaction, and win-win.


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