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Establishing a Foothold in the China Ophthalmology Drug and Device Market

China has a long history with ophthalmology, eye care, through traditional Chinese medicine practices, but as technology advances, so must research and medical practices to ensure that the best and most successful treatments possible are available. In the past, funding and focus on ophthalmology in China has been rather limited; however, in the last couple decades, there has been a huge boom in most research areas across the country as China began to focus on research and manufacturing. Now, China is a world leader in research and manufacturing, and that means more resources are available for ophthalmology to truly get the focus it needs for the betterment of all.

Current Market Performance for Ophthalmology Drugs and Device Development

The market performance in China for ophthalmology drugs and device development has never been better. Vast investments in the previous two decades have resulted in a drastic increase in funding available, resulting in successful research and large profits for successful corporations. With the expanding and aging population in China being a concern, and with eyesight issues being a common ailment associated with aging, ophthalmology has never been more important. Introducing more companies into the marketplace is very welcome. The market for ophthalmology from research marketplace research studies shows that the outlook is very good, with a possible doubling of the market value by 2023. Currently, the domestic Chinese ophthalmology drugs and devices market is dominated by companies, such as C-MER Eye Care, Topcon Corporation, ZEISS, and Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories.

Fastest Areas of Growth in Ophthalmology: What China Needs

Due to the aging population concerns around the world, there has been a focus on ophthalmology drugs and devices that assist in restoring aging eye cells, glaucoma related issues, and restoring damaging nerve connections. Being able to more effectively diagnose glaucoma at an earlier age can result in being able to combat it, and repair the damage from it, before it even becomes a noticeable issue. Stem cells and other bio-restoratives are an important area in ophthalmology when it comes to restoring the nerves and cells within the eye, and there is heavy focus on this area.

How to Find Investors and Partners in China

Getting connected with investors and partners in China can be difficult without the right connections. Language barriers can be a huge issue when expanding a foreign company into China, as well as government regulations regarding foreign entities within the nation. The best chance you have in getting your foot in the door is through medical technology and research conferences that are held in China, and virtually online, such as those hosted by MyBioGate.

How My Bio Gate can Assist You in Succeeding in China

MyBioGate is based in Texas, US and can help you with your cross-border healthcare field related investments and partnerships. If you are looking to get your company a foothold in the Chinese ophthalmology drug and device market, then contact MyBioGate to get help in connecting with Chinese pharm partners and investors. Click here to learn more.

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